How WYLDER Wellness used a shipping solution to scale

June 29, 2017 | Client Spotlight | By Jesse James | 0 Comments

When Brit Ricketts started WYLDER Wellness she knew she wanted her signature probiotic coffee to be shipped shortly after roasting, and that her luxury product merited luxury branding and packaging. What she hadn’t anticipated was that sticking to those standards would take hours of her time every week, time away from doing what she loved––building relationships with customers, hosting events, and filling her sales pipeline.

Everytime Brit got a new sale from her Shopify store (which was happening more and more often) she’d have the coffee shipped from the roaster in California to her home base in Colorado, where she would then package it with her brown paper, informational packet for wholesalers and her signature hand-written thank you note. She knew the custom packaging was building brand awareness—she’d already received several messages and repeat orders as a direct result of her special touches. But all that time driving back and forth from the post office and tracking orders was costing her.

When Brit would travel, she’d have to ask someone else to help out with the shipments, which at least once resulted in an order being shipped in the wrong packaging. As an ecommerce entrepreneur, the idea was to have more freedom, not be chained to a post office and a makeshift warehouse in her kitchen.

Brit considered hiring someone else to help out with the shipping process, but the time and cost of onboarding another employee just for shipping, even an intern, wasn’t worth it. So when she discovered, it was love at first sight.

Now Brit has her probiotic coffee shipped directly from the roaster to ShipRelay’s warehouse, cutting herself out as the middleman. She’s fully integrated her Shopify store with ShipRelay’s shipping software, so she can be completely hands off when she gets a new sale. When Brit wants to add a special promotional insert, thank you note, or any other customization—which she loves to do—she does it from home with just a few clicks.

With shipping taken care of, Brit’s been able to focus on her marketing strategy, social media, events and the creative projects she loves—all of which have led to more sales of WYLDER.

Brit’s advice to other ecommerce entrepreneurs: find a way to integrate your systems. Get all your platforms to talk to each other, regardless of whether you’re on Shopify or Amazon or Etsy or any other ecommerce site, and you will save yourself countless hours in the long run. You’ll also be prepared to accommodate greater sales volume, rush orders, and if you’re Brit, still make it to your daily yoga practice.


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