Meet the Team

(From left to right)

CTO – Jesse Porter comes from a 10 year e-commerce background.  Having built a multi-million dollar drop-shipment business selling specialty & personalized gifts from hundreds of American vendors, Jesse experienced first hand, the pain involved with organizing fulfillment from a software standpoint. Jesse has set to create with ShipRelay, a many-to-many system that will systematically leverage sales while seamlessly organizing all fulfillment activity in one centralized place.

COO – Juan Lujano comes from a 10 year fulfillment background having built a specialty third-party logistics business. Juan’s expertise in custom assembly fulfillment workflows, bundling and kitting, international fulfillment, inventory management, customer expectations management, human resource management and all aspects of third-party logistics provides an invaluable dimension to ShipRelay’s core offerings.

CEO – Mike Weber comes from a strong background in sales and marketing rooted in years of working for a Fortune 500 automation company. In 2012, Mike took his first stab at entrepreneurship by launching a specialty brick & mortar and e-commerce business. This opened his eyes to the inefficiencies he encountered both as a retailer and as a product manufacturer who wanted to better manage various brands, separate inventories, resellers and suppliers across multiple platforms. After months of creative brainstorming, the idea of ShipRelay began to take shape with the invaluable expertise and collaboration provided by our founding team members.

CIO – Robert Donato comes from a 15 year e-commerce background. Having built a multi-million dollar online third-party sales management business, Robert’s e-commerce expertise in product sourcing, online sales processes, fulfillment workflows, inventory management systems, vendor relation workflows and third-party logistics is the underlying foundation that ShipRelay is built on.