Frequently Asked Questions

Having troubles, or curious about features of our software? Don’t worry, we’re here to help with all of your ShipRelay logistic needs. If you can’t find a solution on this page to a problem you are having, please contact us and we will take care of anything you are interested in knowing.

On-boarding made simple

FREE Software Access..

No Setup fee’s.

No Minimums.

Pay-as-you-go – No obligations.

1) Create a free online account and seamlessly link your sales channels in minuets

2) Create a Purchase Order to send to our warehouse to accept for receiving

3) Create and print inbound shipping label and send in your goods to our warehouse.

4) All orders are pulled automatically every hour from your sales channels.

5) Then we pick, pack, personalize and ship directly to your customers and update all sales channels and inventory levels.

General Policies:

Orders in before 1pm local time of the warehouse selected – Guaranteed to ship same day.

Discounted fulfillment rates – Passed directly onto our customers across all carriers.

Storage pricing – Our pricing recalculates as items arrive or leave our warehouse so you only pay for what you’re using.

Protected & Secure – Alarm, Cameras, & Controlled Entry Systems.

99% – Order accuracy rate

How do I get product to the warehouse(s)?:

Sign up for a FREE account and create an inbound PurchaseOrder for our warehouses to Accept and Receive

Utilize our discounted fulfillment rates for you to purchase “inbound” labels to use to ship in your product for us to receive.

OR have your suppliers/manufacturers send us your product directly saving you the cost to reship and step to receive.

We will even do quality inspections from your suppliers to ensure your products meet your standards and are ready to be shipped to save you the time and headache.

How do you handle issues with Lost/Damaged Products?:

Damaged products upon Receiving – we receive directly from your suppliers will be inspected and its status will be communicated to the seller about how they would like to deal with the product and discovered upon receiving by our warehouse via out “Tickler” communication system.

Damaged or Lost products due to an internal issue in our warehouses are covered by us in our T&C’s *The raw cost of the product will be reimbursed directly to your account.

How do you handle product(s) getting shipped or packaged incorrectly due to an internal warehouse issue? – Similar to the warehouse lose damaged/loss note above, we confirm with you via our message “Tickler” or via Skype, pictures, or uploads to determine how you require everything packaged and what we can achieve and guarantee to meet your standards upon initial on-boarding.  If those requirements are not being achieved we are responsible and will assist in rectifying the issue or crediting your account for the loss.

How do you Calculate Storage Costs?:

$1 (small bin) or $2 (large bin) or $3 (shelf) per month per SKU + Item’s size (LxWxH) / divided by 1728 (inches in cu ft.) = cu. ft. of space x $1.00 (this is calculated and aggregated daily so you only pay for what you use at any given time) = Total Storage Per Month

Download our Receiving Guidelines »

Free Receiving Guidelines – The following guidelines tells you how to properly ship your products to ShipRelay to avoid delays, extra charges and discrepancies.

Each box, pallet, or container you ship to us must have an “ASN” receiving element created for it prior to shipping your products to our warehouse.

You can create new ASN (receiving) in your account by going into “Purchaseorders -> Create New PurchaseOrder”

Each shipment must be clearly labeled with your company name as follows: • (ShipRelay/ YOUR COMPANY NAME) and contain the Receiving (ASN) Number on the outside of the box next to the inbound shipping Label. If your supplier doesn’t add the ASN on the boxes or pallets, please make sure the TRACKING NUMBER or BOL number is included in place of the ASN in the Shiprelay system.

Each SKU must be in its own box/bag. There can be no mixed SKU cartons/bags. For example, if you have a t-shirt with 5 different sizes, each size has to be in its own-labeled box/bag for easy identification.

Each box/bag has to be clearly marked with the SKU and quantity (QTY) on the outside of the box/bag.

If supplier can’t Sku items, labeling services are available on a per item basis.

Standard Pallet Dimensions – 40 x 48 x 55 (height). If the product comes on a pallet that doesn’t fit the standard criteria, our receiving team will have to restructure (special project pricing applies per hour) your pallet to fit the standard criteria. Fees apply.

Permitted Packaging Materials for receiving:




Bubble wrap

1.5mil+ Plastic wrapping





No Peanuts! Please do not use peanuts when packaging items for receiving. They make a huge mess and make receiving inefficient. Flat $15 cleaning fee will be applied. IMPORTANT: Failure to comply with ShipRelay product preparation requirements, safety requirements, and product restrictions may result in additional receiving fees or the refusal of inventory at the ShipRelay fulfillment center, disposal or return of inventory, blocking of future shipments to the fulfillment center, or charging for any unplanned services.

LTL Receiving Guidelines:

Products are grouped and or bundled by SKU per box or pallet.

If ungrouped and or not bundled by SKU, we charge $45 per hour to receive.

Correct/accurate PO enclosed with items.

Product dimensions accurately inputed into ShipRelay on the PO.

Barcodes in place.

Inbound tracking provided to us.

Products delivered during normal receiving hours of 10am-1pm (no fee but delays receiving)

Container Receiving Guidelines:

Products are grouped and or bundled by single SKU per pallet.

If grouped and or bundled by SKU but not on a pallet we charge $300 to receive a 20 ft container or $500 to receive a 40 ft container.

If ungrouped and or not bundled by SKU (on a pallet or not), we charge $45 per hour to receive.

Correct/accurate PO enclosed with items.

Product dimensions accurately inputed into ShipRelay on the PO.

Barcodes in place.

Inbound tracking provided to us.

Products delivered during normal receiving hours of 10am-1pm (no fee but delays receiving)

We meet all Amazon (FBA Prep) requirements including barcoding, kitting, bundling, personalization and quality inspections to name a few.

Please also see our Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP) program.  This allows us to act as FBA allowing you to maintain the “PRIME” eligibility button on all of your products but we are the one’s actually doing all of the shipping while meeting Amazon’s requirements. This allows you to regain control of your products and overcome limitations by Amazon.

Please see our “How do I setup Seller Fulfilled Prime” FAQ question for more info on how to enroll in this program.


1. Register for Amazon’s Seller Fulfilled Prime program

Simply sign up here to start your seller fulfilled prime (SFP) trial.

2. Assign SKUs to your Prime Shipping Template & send them to us

Select all, or cherry-pick key prime SKUs and enroll them into SFP. Then, simply send the inventory to our 2 bi-coastal warehouse locations

3. Map your Amazon Prime SKUs to your ShipRelay Inventory

Sell more on-demand! We will map the pieces, items & promotional packaging that make up your Amazon Prime Listings & automatically keep availability synced with all your sales channels!

4. Relax as ShipRelay processes your prime orders to meet all requirements

Each hour, your eligible prime orders will be processed by ShipRelay, keeping you in control of all costs, communication and post-order management.

How do I enroll?

First, you sign up for Amazon’s Seller Fulfilled Prime Program. Then, Amazon will set up a “trial” period. From there, you will assign SKU’s (that you have sent to us) to 1 of 3 prime shipping templates to conduct your trial. Once your trial has ended, your seller account will be approved, which means you may display a prime badge on all the prime items assigned to those templates that we ship for you!


What are the SFP “Trial period” requirements?

According to Amazon:
During the trial period, you must meet the following performance requirements on a minimum of 50 Prime trial orders:

  • An On-Time Shipment Rate of at least 99% for Prime trial orders. Regardless of the shipping speed selected by the customer, Prime trial orders must be shipped on the same day the order is received, as long as the customer places the order before the seller’s cutoff time.
  • Use of Buy Shipping Services for at least 99% of Prime trial orders.
  • A Cancellation Rate of no more than 1% of Prime trial orders.



How Long will it take to be approved?

It depends. Amazon says that after 5 days, it will wait for you to have more than 50 prime orders fulfilled, and then approve you 24 hours after that. If you do not fulfill enough orders within that time, then the trail just starts over. We would recommend sending us a sellable sample of your skus to expedite this process.


Do I lose my Prime button on my current FBA SKUs when I sign up?

No! All your FBA inventory will still have the prime button. Basically, you assign your listing/SKUs (again, the ones you send to us), whether it be 3, 30, or 300+, to your prime shipping template (that was created when you enrolled). During the trial, only [those] sku’s will not have the prime button until you are approved by Amazon.


When approved, will I have the Prime button on other SKUs?

YES! Once approved, any SKU that you assign to one of your Prime shipping templates will include the Prime button.


What does ShipRelay do to ensure I stay approved?

Upon sending us your items (ie: creating a Purchase Order), We will automatically sync your inventory so that you never oversell, as well as fulfill all incoming prime orders same day (for orders that come in by 11am PST) with Amazon’s Buy Shipping service from your seller account, ensuring on-time and accurate shipment requirements are always met.

Does Amazon handle my Seller Fulfilled Prime customer service?

Yes! All SFP Prime Orders are handled the exact same way as FBA Prime Orders, including customer service and returns. You may, however, cancel orders in ShipRelay if you really need to.


How are my Prime orders billed?

Though all non-prime (and other sales channel) fulfillment costs are billed through your ShipRelay balance, your Prime labels (ie: USPS. FedEx) are billed directly to your Amazon seller account, as is required.

Sign up for Seller Fulfilled Prime

We are now part of the Shopify App Store!

Please see all of our helpful Shopify Quick Start Video Guides and download our app from the Shopify App Marketplace below:

Install our App dirctly from the Shopify App Store here »

Shopify Merchant? Add our rates in your Checkout in Real-Time!

What that means is you can have your fulfillment rates (that we charge you for each shipment) display in your Shopify checkout to your customers.

You can mark this number up or down and it gives you the ability to recoup all or a portion of your fulfillment fees from your customers if you charge for shipping. If you don’t charge for standard shipping but you charge for expedited shipping, we can still display the exact expedited rates you will be paying us to your customers as an expedited option for them.

People REALLY love this feature as it can potentially make our service completely free to you (again though, if you charge for shipping)

Yes we will work with any promotional material or applicator you want us to use.

Each Promotional item is treated like any other SKU., and pricing per option is located in our Estimator page »

For a Shippable Item:

Bin/shelf space needed to pick product depending on how large the product is: $1 (small bin) or $2 (large bin) or $3 (shelf) per month per SKU.

+ Item’s size (LxWxH) / divided by 1728 (inches in cu ft.) = cu. ft. of space x $1.00 (this is calculated and aggregated daily so you only pay for what you use – as inventory sells, you will see those storage reductions daily) = Total Storage on your product per month

For an Applicator, like an Ink Stamp:

A small bin space for the ink stamp is $1 per month per applicator (sku).

+Total space used for the stamp – 4x4x2 = 32 cu inches / 1728 (inches in cu ft) = 0.019 cu ft. x $1/cu ft = $0.019 = $.02 per day.

So, for a 30 day period, each stamp would be $1.56 ($1+(30 days x $0.02) in total storage.

Yes we do work with hazmat products.  Please be aware additional procedures and handling requirements / fee(s) are required to meet the carriers shipping policies.  Often – ground only shipping options apply due to the hazard nature of the products.

Hazmat Rates – Limited Quantity Exception: item is under 241 psi/1661 KPA

One-time Hazmat Setup Fee (per SKU) – $40

Hazmat Label Class Fee (custom printed labels) $0.50

Hazmat Item Handling Fee $2.00

Our shipping accuracy rates remain between 98 – 99+%.

Again though, if the shipping error is the warehouse’s fault, we pay to rectify the situation which entails reimbursing you the raw cost of any lost inventory, the cost of any return labels, for reverse logistics, etc..

Basic order communication is all handled via our software messenger which directly ties you to our warehouses; Discuss on the order or PurchaseOrder level about anything and its all nicely documented in one central location.

Returns Management made easy!

At your discretion, you can issue a return authorization request through our software, including emailing your customer with a return label, as well as initiating a return for exchange, and/or return and restock.

Then, a simple return base fee of $2.50/shipment & 0.50c/item will be applied for handling and processing, including any inspection where we will let you know if the product(s) are re-sellable, needs to be repackaged, discarded or recycled.

Yes we do product Kitting, Bundling and Assembly services!

With our options based platform you can add these services per Purchase Order,  per Product or for just Promotion Periods on-demand!

Check out our Video below on how easy it is to do on-demand kitting for any bundle you list:

With our software you are able to view all inventory, issues, breakage, discrepancies and charges with a simple search.

Also, When our unique processing algorithm saves you money, well report that as well!:

Orders Pull from Each Sales Channel you link on the top of each hour

Our Algorighym will validate each order and find the best shipping method, while finding extra savings, as well as account for other filters you set up.

Orders that are not yet ready will stay on your Queue with a prompt of what is needed (ie: out of stock breakup, address fixes, etc.)

Orders that are ready are either sent to processing according to times you specify, or by manually requesting them.

And don’t worry, you can edit / modify / upgrade / breakup your orders with us at any time!

“Auto-Approve Requests” Relay Setting

In each Sales Channel -> Edit Relay Settings, you may set your orders to “auto process” (you can also modify the times that occurs in the advanced section) at specific hours.

Otherwise, you would visit your Queue and select the orders you would like to request for shipment.

Also, you may set “Auto-Sync” to “yes” to update each sales channel’s Inventory levels based on what is mapped to your ShipRelay Stock Availability in real-time 🙂

Shipping Damage Guidelines:

1. Obtain multiple pictures of the following:

○ Outer packaging (outside the shipping box or envelope)

○ Inner outer package (inside the shipping box or envelope)

○ Product sku packaging or product sku carton

○ Damaged product sku

2. Send pictures to ShipRelay support so we can assess, learn, and adjust future shipments if


3. If insurance is included in the shipping method used [USPS First‑Class Mail does not include

insurance], please navigate to the affected request in your console and request a claim be filed

from action menu.

4. If it’s your policy to do so, navigate to the original shipping request in the “Shipped” tab of your

ShipRelay console and from the action menu, select “Ship Another Package!” to quickly queue up a

replacement shipment to your customer.

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