What services do we provide?


We offer a wide array of unique 3pL services that cater to just about any business. Forget the hassle, we’ll make your business look amazing and keep your customer service top-notch.


Warehousing Options

Speedy Processing

All orders received before 4PM EST will ship out the same day, no need to worry about having time to fulfill orders on your own and leave it to our team of experts.

Affordable Storage

We only charge you for the space you need.
Send us the details of your product dimensions and we’ll make sure you never pay more than what’s necessary.


International Shipping

Expand your business to new markets. Tired of filling out customs forms? Let us handle the paperwork.

Easily Pick-and-choose which orders and products are able to be shipped internationally with our software.

Domestic Shipping

We work with all domestic shipping carriers: USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, SmartPost, etc.

All orders received before 4PM EST ship same day from our warehouse.



Make the most of your branding

We include a wide variety of package customization and personalization options so you can show off your product in the best way possible.


Add Custom Scannable UPC’s for each product allowing easy inventory and stock tracking.

Product Tags

Have our team add your brand’s personal hang tags to your product for extra detail.

Packing Slips

Forget matching packing slips to orders. We’ll print all the return labels and packing paperwork for you.

Custom Packaging

Customize your packaging to your brand’s specifications to make your presentation go the extra mile, from boxes to bags.

Promo Inserts

Having a sale? Let your customers know with custom promo inserts included in your shipments at your request.

Just ask us if there’s anything else we can add to your orders!

In-House Product Assembly

Simple, Flexible and On-Demand.

“Just-In-Case” Inventory

The strategy of maintaining large inventories to reduce the risk of back orders in the face of supply and demand uncertainty.

“Just-In-Time” Inventory

A management system that orders parts and products from suppliers only as required to meet the immediate customer demand.



Bundling & Kitting

Simply link your Sales Channels Listings to the items you send us.

We then sync your online bundles to your stocked items, ship out and notify all sales channels in real-time!



Detailed Quality Inspections

ShipRelay provides product quality assurance inspections upon request and will issue an automatic notification if a problem arises, leaving you in complete control.



The ShipRelay Algorithm.

Real-Time Shipping Quotes

Get exact estimates for your product quick and easy. Just let us know a few things about what you’re sending, and our software gets to work.

Endless Options

Not the right fit? We select the best carrier shipping options in real-time, and then show you those same real-time rates during checkout.