What should I do if my customer receives a damaged shipment?

April 1, 2019 | | By Jesse James | 0 Comments

Shipping Damage Guidelines:

1. Obtain multiple pictures of the following:

○ Outer packaging (outside the shipping box or envelope)

○ Inner outer package (inside the shipping box or envelope)

○ Product sku packaging or product sku carton

○ Damaged product sku

2. Send pictures to ShipRelay support so we can assess, learn, and adjust future shipments if


3. If insurance is included in the shipping method used [USPS First‑Class Mail does not include

insurance], please navigate to the affected request in your console and request a claim be filed

from action menu.

4. If it’s your policy to do so, navigate to the original shipping request in the “Shipped” tab of your

ShipRelay console and from the action menu, select “Ship Another Package!” to quickly queue up a

replacement shipment to your customer.


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