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Having troubles, or curious about features of our software? Don’t worry, we’re here to help with all of your ShipRelay logistic needs. If you can’t find a solution on this page to a problem you are having, please contact us and we will take care of anything you are interested in knowing.

General Policies:

Orders in before 4pm EST – Guaranteed to ship same day.

Dynamic pricing – Our pricing recalculates as items arrive or leave our warehouse so you only pay for what you’re using at any given moment.

Decreased shipping, packaging & material rates as you grow with us.

Protected & Secure – Alarm, Cameras, & Controlled Entry Systems.



1. Register for Amazon’s Seller Fulfilled Prime program

Simply sign up here to start your seller fulfilled prime (SFP) trial.

2. Assign SKUs to your Prime Shipping Template & send them to us

Select all, or cherry-pick key prime SKUs and enroll them into SFP. Then, simply send the inventory to our 2 bi-coastal warehouse locations

3. Map your Amazon Prime SKUs to your ShipRelay Inventory

Sell more on-demand! We will map the pieces, items & promotional packaging that make up your Amazon Prime Listings & automatically keep availability synced with all channels!

4. Relax as ShipRelay processes your prime orders to meet all requirements

Each hour, your eligible prime orders will be processed by ShipRelay, keeping you in control of all costs, communication and post-order management.

How do I enroll?

First, you sign up for Amazon’s Seller Fulfilled Prime Program. Then, Amazon will set up a “trial” period. From there, you will assign SKU’s (that you have sent to us) to 1 of 3 prime shipping templates to conduct your trial. Once your trial has ended, your seller account will be approved, which means you may display a prime badge on all the prime items we ship for you!


What are the SFP “Trail period” requirements?

According to Amazon:
During the trial period, you must meet the following performance requirements on a minimum of 50 Prime trial orders:

  • An On-Time Shipment Rate of at least 99% for Prime trial orders. Regardless of the shipping speed selected by the customer, Prime trial orders must be shipped on the same day the order is received, as long as the customer places the order before the seller’s cutoff time.
  • Use of Buy Shipping Services for at least 95% of Prime trial orders.
  • A Cancellation Rate of no more than 1% of Prime trial orders.



How Long will it take to be approved?

It depends. Amazon says that after 5 days, it will wait for you to have more than 50 prime orders fulfilled, and then approve you 24 hours after that. If you do not fulfill enough orders within that time, then the trail just starts over. We would recommend sending us a sellable sample of your skus to expedite this process.


Do I lose my Prime button on my current FBA SKUs when I sign up?

No! All your FBA inventory will still have the prime button. Basically, you assign your listing/SKUs (again, the ones you send to us), whether it be 3, 30, or 300+, to your prime shipping template (that was created when you enrolled). During the trial, only [those] sku’s will not have the prime button until you are approved by Amazon.


When approved, will I have the Prime button on other SKUs?

YES! Once approved, any SKU that you assign to one of your Prime shipping templates will include the Prime button.


What does ShipRelay do to ensure I stay approved?

Upon sending us your items (ie: creating a Purchase Order), We will automatically sync your inventory so that you never oversell, as well as fulfill all incoming prime orders same day (for orders that come in by 11am PST) with Amazon’s Buy Shipping service from your seller account, ensuring on-time and accurate shipment requirements are always met.

Does Amazon handle my Seller Fulfilled Prime customer service?

Yes! All SFP Prime Orders are handled the exact same way as FBA Prime Orders, including customer service and returns. You may, however, cancel/hold orders in ShipRelay if you really need to.


How are my Prime orders billed?

Though all non-prime (and other sales channel) fulfillment costs are billed through your ShipRelay balance, your Prime labels (ie: USPS. FedEx) are billed directly to your Amazon seller account, as is required.

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